Updated: Sunday, August 7, 2016

Shakespeare thrives in Taiwan’s theatres, classrooms, and academies. The translation, research, teaching and performance of Shakespeare is rich and diverse, and has become increasingly visible and influential with Taiwan’s hosting of large-scale international conferences, participation in transnational organizations, and collaboration with foreign theatre groups and scholarly organizations. In the 21st century, Shakespeare is no longer confined in certain fields of liberal arts, but reaches out to specialists in social sciences and digital technology and encourages interdisciplinary studies. To accommodate this recent development and to provide a platform for communication and exchange, "Taiwan ShakeScene," an intimate scholarly circle founded by Ching-Hsi Perng in 2008, was transformed into the Taiwan Shakespeare Association, officially registered with the Ministry of the Interior in 2013.

The Taiwan Shakespeare Association is committed to promoting the study, teaching, and performance of Shakespeare in local colleges and scholarly organizations; fostering exchanges and joint programs; participating in international conferences and other related events; and holding, collaborating in or effectuating Shakespearean activities, in cooperation with other local organizations. The Association welcomes scholars and theatre practitioners with Shakespearean background and interested graduate students to join.

Constitution of the Taiwan Shakespeare Association Ratified by the general meeting on 5 July 2013

Second Governing Board
President: Chin-jung Chiu
Board Members: Ching-Hsi Perng, Bi-qi Beatrice Lei, Tsu-Chung Su, Yi-Meei Wang, Ying-nan Lin, I-Chun Wang, Ariel Fang Chen, Po Shen Lu, Hui-chuan Wang
Second Supervising Board
Supervisors: Vivian Ching-Mei Chu, Yan-Wing Leung, Wai Fong Cheang
Secretary-General: Wen-Ching Liang

Taiwan Shakespeare Association
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
National Taiwan University, No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 106, Republic of China
President: Chin-jung Chiu